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Windows 10 photo app updates with a ‘Choose a star’ auto-generated video feature

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The “Choose a star” feature lets you make individually focused videos

There’s a new update for the Photos app that Microsoft added in the Windows 10 Creators Update that brings more features to those auto-generated videos, similar to Google Photo’s movie feature. Now, there’s a new “Choose a star” option that lets you drop in a bunch of videos and pictures and create a new video file highlighting a specific person.

As the title implies, the “Choose a star” function works pretty similarly to the existing auto-generated videos in Photos: you can select the pictures and videos you want to include and “remix” the video until you find a style you like. But then you can pick a person that the Photos app identifies in the video to be the aforementioned star, which will cause the final mix to focus on that person.

Microsoft recommends the feature for making a highlight video of a sports game that keeps your kids in focus, or a birthday party video that keeps the spotlight on the birthday person. The “Choose a star” feature is available now for all Windows 10 Creators Update users.