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Early HomePod previews


Hey folks,

Since the HomePod is now available to pre-order, I thought I'd share a couple of opinions on it, in case anyone was on the fence. Personally I don't see it fitting into my life at the moment, especially launching without multi-room audio, but there's definitely a piece of me that's tempted by the sound quality, especially with lines like:

What’s more impressive is how consistent the HomePod sounds wherever you are in the room. Yes, the further away you are, the quieter it is, but not by much. It almost felt like the music was following our movement, and it consistently sounded great.

Maybe I'll consider this as a multi-room audio solution in the future, especially if I start moving towards more smart home stuff, but a part of me would hate having to trade Google Play Music for Apple Music.

Anyway, here are the more detailed thoughts:

TL;DR, these opinions are probably...exactly what you expected. Great design, best-in-class in-home audio, with Siri being the weak link. But if you want more than that: