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Speculation on the future of Windows 10 SKUs shipped on new PCs.


With the recent news of Windows 10 Polaris.

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Windows 10 Polaris is essentially a lightweight version of Windows 10, with no legacy at all, This is a pure UWP version of Windows 10 for PCs. This will run UWP natively whereas Win32 will be through containers

Microsoft has also renamed Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro S Mode in recent insider Builds. This leads to speculation on the future of Windows 10 SKUs in 2019.

So Windows 10 Pro when shipped with new PCs will be replaced by Windows 10 Pro S Mode. Which is essentially Windows 10 Pro but locked, you use the MS Store, if you need applications outside the Store, you can unlock it.

Windows 10 Polaris will be replacing the position that Windows 10 S is currently in.

Windows 10 Home users will be supported, however the SKU when sold to OEMs in 2019 will be discontinued, meaning no more PCs shipped with Windows 10 Home.