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All the updates, trailers, and commentary for Mute, Duncan Jones’ long awaited film

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Duncan Jones’s next film has had a long and tedious ride to exist. The filmmaker originally intended for the film to be his first, but ended up making Moon instead. Hired to direct bigger budget films like Source Code and Warcraft, his homage to Blade Runner was pushed to the back burner until Netflix picked it up, with Alexander Skarsgård and Paul Rudd starring. Jones says that the film is set in the same world as Moon and is the second part of a trilogy.

The film is now scheduled to begin streaming on February 23rd. Follow along for all of the updates, trailers, and commentary.

  • Jan 30, 2018

    Andrew Liptak

    Watch the first trailer for Duncan Jones’ new film Mute

    Netflix has unveiled its first trailer for Mute, the latest film from Warcraft director Duncan Jones, who confirmed earlier this month that it would begin streaming on February 23rd.

    Set in the year 2052 in Berlin, Mute follows Leo (Alexander Skarsgård), a mute bartender who’s searching for his missing girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh). After he protects his girlfriend from being harassed by customers, she tells him that while she loves him, “you don’t know me.” When she vanishes, he sets off to find her, running into a surgeon named Cactus Jack (Paul Rudd) and another man named Duck Teddington (Justin Theroux).

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  • Lizzie Plaugic

    Jan 6, 2017

    Lizzie Plaugic

    Duncan Jones' Mute looks like an icy '80s music video


    Netflix just released the first images from Duncan Jones’ upcoming movie, Mute, and they look straight out of a Human League music video. The sci-fi thriller will star Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, and Seyneb Saleh. This will be Jones’ (Warcraft, Source Code) first project for Netflix.

    Mute is set in a near-future Berlin. Skarsgård plays Leo, a mute bartender searching for his girlfriend (Saleh) who has gone missing. He links up with two scheming American surgeons (Rudd and Theroux) who might be the only people who can help. Or maybe not — nothing says “untrustworthy” like Paul Rudd’s mustache!

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  • Sep 30, 2016

    Andrew Liptak

    Duncan Jones' Mute will be distributed by Netflix

    Duncan Jones

    We’re really excited to see Duncan Jones return to his roots after taking on Warcraft earlier this year. His next movie Mute just went before cameras earlier this week in Berlin, and it turns out that you might not have to go to theaters to see it. Speaking to the Empire Podcast, the film’s star Alexander Skarsgård revealed that Netflix will be distributing the movie.

    The deal is apparently similar to that of Beasts of No Nation, which received a limited release in theaters alongside a wider release on the streaming service. Jones has worked for years to try and get Mute made, and Netflix’s distribution should bring it to a much wider audience.

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  • Sep 22, 2016

    Andrew Liptak

    Here's why you should get excited for Duncan Jones' Mute

    During the run-up to Warcraft, Duncan Jones revealed that he already had a follow-up project in the works. It wasn’t another blockbuster that would cost a studio hundreds of millions of dollars, but a companion to his quiet debut film, Moon.

    Mute is a long-simmering project that he’s been talking about making for years, and it goes into production next week. The film will star Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard in a futuristic version of Berlin, in which a mute bartender (Skarsgard) goes against a gang to figure out what happened to his missing partner. Get excited.

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  • Rich McCormick

    Nov 4, 2015

    Rich McCormick

    Moon director Duncan Jones is making another sci-fi movie before Warcraft is out

    Duncan Jones, the director of slow-paced sci-fi favorite Moon and the upcoming fantasy epic Warcraft, is making a new sci-fi movie, starring Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard. Both actors will star in Mute, a sci-fi thriller set in a near-future Berlin that follows a silent bartender (to be played by True Blood vampire Skarsgard) on the search for his missing friend. On the way, he'll meet Rudd, playing one of two American surgeons with murky motivations.

    Jones says he's been working on the concept for 12 years and already helped write the script, but it's something of a surprise that he's able to find the time to get the movie made — speaking to The Verge at Comic-Con in July, the director said he only had a short window to cast, shoot, and finish production on Mute before before the release of Warcraft in June 2016.

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