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New trailers: Pacific Rim Uprising, I Kill Giants, and more

New trailers: Pacific Rim Uprising, I Kill Giants, and more

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Pacific Rim Uprising still
Image: Universal Studios

The funniest jokes in movies are always the unexpected ones that come in the middle of dramas. And every once in a while, there’s one that ends up catching me so off guard or hitting me in just the right way that I end up laughing for an unreasonably long time after everyone else in the theater has stopped.

Most recently, that was when I was seeing Phantom Thread — Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest movie, which features Daniel Day-Lewis playing a quiet but demanding and overly particular dressmaker. The movie is wonderful and generally quite serious, but it also has some truly hilarious moments as Day-Lewis’ character reveals his total self-absorption. The best being a quiet moment where he describes the pleasure of putting cream into porridge, which had me laughing well into the next scene.

Our friends over at Eater have a really great look at the world of food that flows throughout the movie (though, regrettably, there’s no mention of the porridge). Some spoilers abound, but it’s a very cool take on the film.

Check out eight trailers from this week below.

Pacific Rim Uprising

I love this trailer. Not because I think I’d like this movie at all, but because it evolves in such a wonderful way. At the beginning, it’s toned down, mournful — there may be giant mechs, but it’s about the people behind them. But by the end, it’s like, no, hold up, this is a movie about giant mechs looking cool and lots of glistening shots of humans. It comes out March 23rd.

Seven Seconds

Netflix is starting a new crime anthology series, and its first season starts off with a poignant subject: the death of a black teenager at the hands of a white cop. The show follows the ensuing events, including the the town’s reaction and an attempted cover-up by police. The show has a ton of recognizable faces, and it comes from The Killing creator Veena Sud. The first season premieres February 23rd.

The Cured

The Cured has a bit of a different take on a zombie movie: instead of being about the outbreak, it’s about what comes after a cure is found. Ellen Page stars as a woman who takes in one of the cured, who has largely been outcast from society for what they did while in their zombified state. The trailer makes it seem like it’s still very much a zombie movie in the end, but I appreciate that it’s taking a different route to get there. It comes out February 23rd.

I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants is an adaptation of a decade-old Image Comics series about a teenage girl who hunts giants. It looks like a fun, magical adventure, but the twist here seems to be that we can’t be quite sure how much of the adventures are real and how much are being made up by the movie’s hero. It comes out March 23rd.

Coach Snoop

Snoop Dogg started a youth football league back in 2005, and it had apparently expanded to some 1,500 players in Southern California by 2016. This new series follows along with a small group of those players who get to be coached by Snoop himself, and while football is obviously a big part of what’s going on, the league is also about helping kids and giving them big new experiences. The show arrives February 2nd.

The Trader

Netflix has a pretty wonderful looking short documentary coming up about a man who drives a bus around rural areas of Georgia trading goods for potatoes, which end up serving as a currency. The film screened at Sundance recently, and it heads to Netflix on February 9th.

Andre The Giant

HBO has a documentary coming up on Andre the Giant that covers both his successful career and the struggles that came with it. It looks like a straightforward but interesting doc for fans of the late wrestler. It debuts April 10th.

Looking Glass

It’s been a good week since we last had an insane Nic Cage film. Fortunately, we now have Looking Glass, which seems like it’s basically an amped up version of The Voyeur’s Motel with less decades of immense creepiness (but still lots of creepiness) and more bizarre flashing lights that have nothing to do with what’s going on.