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WhatsApp is the first major third-party messaging app to support Apple’s CarPlay

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iMessage gets some CarPlay competition

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WhatsApp is now supported on Apple’s CarPlay. iCulture is reporting that the popular messaging app now works with Apple’s automotive platform following WhatsApp’s latest version 2.18.20 update.

Once updated, WhatsApp will automatically show up as an app when your iPhone is connected to CarPlay. It’ll work like any other messaging app due to Apple’s strict rules for CarPlay messaging apps.

You’ll be able to see unread messages through a badge icon, have Siri read out received messages, and send new ones through dictation. According to iCulture, the only real difference between the WhatsApp implementation and Apple’s own iMessage app is that WhatsApp lacks the ability to scroll through a list of message threads.

The new update is available now on iOS devices.