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King Krule’s new Instagram for skies is a sweet refuge from the endless scroll

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It’s skies

king krule instagram @bollockywankshite / Instagram

King Krule’s The OOZ, released last October, is pretty much one hour of a benevolent alien approximating human speech, as well as hip-hop and jazz. The emotional takeaway is something like if the person you loved most in the world suddenly told you they would prefer to talk to you only underwater, and that they would not be providing bubble translations. It would be a gorgeous thing to do, but you might also wonder “does this need to be so hard?”

The British singer-songwriter and sad boy — who has also made music under his given name Archy Marshall — must be aware of this to some degree, as he has now done something incredibly easy. He’s launched an Instagram called @oozskyphotos, on which he is posting fan submissions of sky photos. The album art for The OOZ was a sky. You see? It makes perfect sense. Dazed reports that he made the request on Instagram Live on his personal account on Friday.

Here’s the original sky. Or as King Krule put it, “This is the priganal.”

This is the priganal

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Here’s a fan-submitted sky from Chelmsford, England:

@jamesroe_ Chelmsford in October 2017

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Here’s a sky from Los Angeles:

@filmicpic in Los Angeles

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Here’s a sky in Prague:

@mxrcorl in Prague, Czech Republic

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Here’s my personal favorite sky, from Naples, Italy:

@aciredefmeo in Naples Italia

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All of the comments are things like “nice one!” and “chemtrails!” and I think you probably expected that.

In an interview last year, King Krule told NPR the origin story of the title The OOZ. He said — of this crinkly, dark, twisted album that makes me feel like my cartilage is dissembling itself — that the name comes from his family:

“Everyone in my family is an artist or plays music. The first time I saw someone record was my mother and my uncle: They had a big double bass in my front room and they had set up a little eight-track, and they recorded these kind of dub, jazz, poetry, abstract tracks... My uncle was always playing in ska bands, always playing guitar and making stuff and painting. My granddad and my uncle who lived in Long Beach in New York, they were doing cartoons for The New Yorker and stuff. There was so much stuff that I can honestly say, still, I find fascinating about the people that oozed me out and put my particles together.

Aww. He also said “the ooz” represents “your sweat, your nails, the sleep that comes out of your eyes, your dead skin.”

So, really, as with everything, it’s all gross and it’s all beautiful. This new Instagram is nice; it feels like putting a billion-dollar balm on my eyeballs.