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Former NSA contractor to plead guilty over claims he stole 50TB of classified data

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An NSA contractor who was arrested in October 2016 plans to plead guilty to stealing classified information, according to Reuters. The former contractor, Harold Martin, apparently hasn’t struck a plea deal, so it’s not clear that the case ends here. Reuters reports that there are still 19 other charges levied against him.

Martin is alleged to have stolen 50TB of data over the course of his more than 20 years working as an NSA contractor, including most recently at Booz Allen Hamilton — the firm that employed Edward Snowden. The government hasn’t said what, if anything, it believes Martin did with the data. But it’s said to be very valuable and include hacking tools developed by an elite group within the NSA.

The documents were taken from a number of government agencies, including the NSA, the CIA, Cyber Command, and the National Reconnaissance Office, according to Reuters. Martin reportedly faces up to 10 years in prison for the count he plans to plead guilty to.