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Animaniacs is coming back as a Hulu original series, but you can watch old episodes right now

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Steven Spielberg returns as executive producer

Animaniacs, the animated kids’ show starring three toon siblings who are possibly cats, possibly dogs, or possibly a nightmare combination of both, is coming to Hulu with brand-new episodes. Steven Spielberg will reprise his role as an executive producer for the series, which kicks off in 2020. Hulu is now also streaming all 99 episodes of the original series, which first aired in 1993.

The original Animaniacs is an anthology show primarily centered on Warner siblings Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, who escape their prison in the Warner Bros. water tower, and run around interacting with Warner movie characters, actors, and on at least one occasion, Satan. The Warner siblings segments were sometimes educational, but more often, they were an attempt to recapture the anarchic, reference-heavy comedy of the original Looney Tunes, complete with studio references and in-jokes. (One memorable bit had the Warners playing out the plot of Apocalypse Now, and finding a raging Jerry Lewis in the Colonel Kurtz role.) The show also featured a series of sketches built around side characters like the Goodfeathers — pigeon versions of the primary characters from Goodfellas — and Pinky and The Brain, two lab mice who plot to take over the world. The latter pair eventually got their own spinoff show.

Hulu’s streaming deal also includes all episodes of Pinky and the Brain; Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain; and the Tiny Toon Adventures collection. Enjoy having the nations of the world injected into your brain like auditory crack once again.