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Samsung has created a giant digital whiteboard

Samsung has created a giant digital whiteboard


To take on Microsoft and Google

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Samsung is unveiling Flip today at the Consumer Electronics Show, a 55-inch digital whiteboard that can be flipped between portrait and horizontal orientations. It’s designed for meeting rooms, and comes with a height-adjustable stand that can be wheeled around offices freely. Samsung isn’t revealing exactly what operating system or software is powering the Flip, but it looks like the company will support note taking, photos, and other collaborative scenarios on its 4K display.

Samsung’s Flip also includes wireless connectivity, USB, PC, and mobile ports so you can connect pretty much any device to the display. You can even share the contents of the screen itself to other PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Up to four people can also draw on the screen with a stylus or their fingers, and there appears to be meeting software to facilitate and store meeting content in a central database.

Samsung is clearly attempting to take on Microsoft’s Surface Hub or Google’s Jamboard. Both of Samsung’s rivals have giant 55-inch whiteboard displays that are targeted at businesses for meetings and collaboration. Google and Microsoft have their own software and services ecosystem to tempt big businesses to adopt them, but Samsung lacks that crucial element. Samsung will release the Flip to businesses later this month, but the company is not yet providing exact availability or pricing details.