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This automatic feeder can tell the difference between your pets

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Catspad is finally coming to market

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

There are plenty of automatic cat feeders out there, but Catspad is the first connected food and water dispenser for cats and small dogs. Not only can it automatically deliver both to your pet, it can differentiate between pets to dispense different amounts to each.

The Catspad works with an app and an identifier for your pet, which can either be a microchip (if your pet has one), or a Catspad collar tag. When the pet then approaches the Catspad unit, it recognizes the individual animal, dispensing the amount of dry food designated for them and temporarily activating the fountain (the fountain can also be set to run continuously).

Any number of things can be automated and detected by connecting to Wi-Fi via the Catspad app. Food can be delivered at certain times of the day (or on demand), sensors will tell you how much your cat ate, you can monitor water levels, and it will notify you if levels are running low. It can hold up to 60 ounces of dry food and about 8 liters of water, which should last one cat about a month before needing to be refilled. If your Wi-Fi disconnects, the Catspad will run as usual, and if you suffer a power outage, there is a backup battery, which should provide enough power for a month.

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

We first wrote about Catspad last year at CES, before it had launched on Kickstarter and was just a prototype. At the time, the company had projected a June delivery date, but were met with delays. It says parts are arriving now, and those who had backed the project earlier on will get their Catspad in February, while those who order now should expect to receive theirs around April. It can be pre-ordered now for €389.00 ($468) in white, or €439.00 ($528) in black. Granted, this is extremely pricey for an automatic pet feeder, even if it is a combo that also has a filtered water fountain. Buying an automatic (but not smart) feeder and fountain separately would run under $100. But, if you have multiple pets, or need to monitor your pet’s food intake or share information with a vet for health reasons, maybe it could be worth it?