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Petnet’s new SmartFeeder 2.0 comes with a refined design and Google Assistant support

Petnet’s new SmartFeeder 2.0 comes with a refined design and Google Assistant support


Plus take pics of your pets while they munch

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Petnet SmartFeeder 2.0
Image: Petnet

Petnet has debuted SmartFeeder 2.0, the next generation of its automatic pet feeder. The new feeder builds upon many of the features from the first version of the SmartFeeder, focusing on refined design choices and further integration with smart home devices.

The SmartFeeder 2.0 looks similar to its predecessor, but with subtle aesthetic tweaks that make it both sleeker and more compact. Other design changes improve the SmartFeeder’s functionality. It’s now compatible with more foods, including odd-shaped kibble that had trouble dispensing before. There’s also a new lid which the company says makes it “nearly impossible” for pets to break into. Lastly, the addition of more sensors mean there’s even more accuracy with exactly how much food the SmartFeeder gives a pet.

The new SmartFeeder has Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Nest Cam integrations

As with the first SmartFeeder, this one is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Nest Cam, but now it will also work with Google Assistant. Owners can use voice commands to deliver food, get updates about when their pet was last fed, find out how much food is left, and can even take snapshots of their pet while it’s eating.

Along with the upgraded SmartFeeder 2.0, Petnet is also launching SmartShop, an online marketplace that uses AI in order to help guide pet owners toward the healthiest food options for their pets. The site asks for the pet’s age, weight, activity level, allergies, breed, and more, then delivers food recommendations that both match the parameters and fall within the owner’s budget. Each brand comes with a Petnet FoodScore and the site breaks down details on ingredients and macronutrient information. (I tested this for my cat, Crouton, and the SmartShop recommended a highly-rated salmon-based kibble that steered clear of her allergies.)

Petnet’s SmartFeeder 2.0 will be available this winter and will retail for $149. Petnet’s SmartShop marketplace is in beta and can be visited now.