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House of Marley and Sol Republic launch new wireless headphones

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Sol Republic’s Shadow Fushion headphones in blue.

As we enter into the first day of CES, headphone brands like House of Marley and Sol Republic are releasing a whole bunch of wireless headphones and portable wireless speakers.

House of Marley is coming out with the No Bounds speaker that it claims are dust and water-proof speakers with an IP67 rating. It also claims the headphone batteries can last for ten hours on a single charge. It’s made with recyclable cork and it can pair with a dual speaker. It’s available in April for $69.99.

House of Marley’s No Bounds speaker in gray.

There’s also a sports version of the No Bounds speaker that House of Marley claims has a 12 hour battery life and water-proof 360-degree sound. It has storage space available at the base of the speaker and it’s also made from cork and recycled fabric. It’s available in May for $119.99.

House of Marley’s No Bounds Sports speaker in black.

House of Marley is also coming out with the Uprise wireless, in-ear headphones that it claims are sweat and weather resistant. The headphones are made of recycled silicone and wood and they’re available in June for $99.99.

House of Marley’s Uprise headphones in black.

Then from Sol Republic, there are the first on-ear and over-ear Bluetooth headphones from the brand. There’s a pair of headphones called Shadow Fusion, which is an addition to the Shadow Wireless headphones lineup. Sol Republic claims it’s rain and sweat resistant. It has magnetic ear buds. The release date for these headphones is more vague, for sometime in Q2 this year, at $149.99.

Sol Republic’s Soundtrack Wireless headphones.

There’s also the Soundtrack Wireless headphones that are foldable. Sol Republic claims these headphones have 20 plus hours of battery life. They have a microphone, on-board controls, and will cost $169.99 when they arrive in Q2. A Soundtrack Pro Wireless option increases the battery life to over 24 hours and bumps the drivers to 50mm with memory foam over-ear cushions. For this more premium option, it’s going to cost $249.99.

Sol Republic’s Soundtrack Pro Wireless headphones in blue.