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HTC announces Vive adapter for wireless VR

HTC announces Vive adapter for wireless VR

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Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

HTC is finally creating its own wireless adapter for the Vive. While we’ve seen similar adapters from DisplayLink and even the TPCast from HTC’s Vive X accelerator program, HTC’s own adapter uses Intel’s WiGig technology. Wi-Gig will operate in the 60Ghz band, helping prevent any interference and running at low latency. This should keep the performance at the best possible, and avoid any issues that would ruin the VR experience you typically get over a HDMI cable.

HTC won’t be releasing the adapter until the summer, and the company isn’t providing a price today. The wireless adapter will mean you won’t have to connect up cables directly to your PC, but it will obviously introduce a battery that will need to be charged. HTC isn’t providing battery life estimates yet, but the TPCast typically lasts around 2 hours so it’s reasonable to assume HTC’s own version will last around the same amount of time. The TPCast is priced at $299 so it will be interesting to see if HTC is able to price its own version lower. HTC’s Vive wireless adapter will also work on the newly-announced Vive Pro headset.