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ViewSonic announces gaming monitors and 'entertainment' monitors, which are different

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ViewSonic has announced three gaming monitors and two “entertainment monitors.” Are games not entertainment? Do movies benefit from 144Hz adaptive sync refresh? It’s another wild evening at CES 2018, folks.

The $573 XG2560 is a standard 25-inch 1080p display, but has a blazing fast 240Hz refresh rate with Nvidia G-sync technology. The $629 XG3220 is one of the first 4K monitors on the market with HDR10 support, and has FreeSync for AMD GPUs (though presumably only hits 60Hz). Finally, the $739 XG3540C (above) is a 34-inch 1440p curved ultrawide monitor that hits 100Hz.

As for the “entertainment monitors,” the thoughtfully named VX2758-C-MH and VX3258-2KC-MHD are both curved 144Hz panels with FreeSync; the former is 27-inch 1080p and the latter is 32-inch 1440p, with prices set at $266 and $409 respectively. The monitors should be out around February.

While the gaming monitors have pretty straightforward industrial design, a ViewSonic rep tells me that the entertainment monitors are styled a little differently and their curves make them more immersive for watching video — but of course, the high refresh rates should make them suitable for gaming, too. Either way, ViewSonic wants to have you covered.