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JBL releases Google Assistant-enabled headphones and upgraded speakers

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Wireless Everest headphones, a Clip 3, Xtreme 2, and new Endurance sport earphones

Everest wireless headphones.
Image: JBL

On the first day of CES, JBL has announced several new headphones, earphones, and speakers, including the Everest headphones that are compatible with the Google Assistant. JBL, known for making pretty decent headphones, is actually owned by Samsung through parent company Harman International.

The Everest headphones come in three options: around-ear, on-ear, and in-ear wireless headphones. JBL claims that its wireless Everest headphones have between eight and 25 hours of battery life per charge. The on-ear and around-ear models have a curved headband aimed at lessening the pressure on the ears, and the ear cushions are made of memory foam. The headphones come in metallic colors, like gunmetal and mountain silver.

Everest in-ear wireless headphones.
Image: JBL

The JBL Everest GA headphones can be set up on any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. To enable Google Assistant, users download the Assistant app on their phone or smart device, connect to the headphones, and then touch the sensors located on the ear cup. Upon activation, users can control volume, hear about the day’s schedule, or play specific music genres by voice command. The Everest headphones will be available this spring, but the prices have yet to be announced.

JBL also announced its waterproof Clip 3 Bluetooth speaker today, which updates the audio performance of its predecessor. JBL claims the Clip 3’s lithium-ion battery can support 10 hours of playtime on a single charge. The speaker also has an echo and noise-canceling function so users can pair the Clip 3 and make phone calls.

Clip 3 Bluetooth speaker.
Image: JBL

The Clip 3 also comes in new colors: dusty pink, steel white, and ocean blue, in addition to the usual black, red, teal, gray, green, yellow, and sand colors. The JBL Clip 3’s metal clip attachment is lined with rubber, so that the speaker can grip onto slippery surfaces. The clip also matches the main body of the speaker in color. The speaker costs $59.95, and will be available this spring.

Xtreme 2 Bluetooth speaker.
Image: JBL

JBL is also updating its JBL Xtreme portable Bluetooth speaker line. The waterproof Xtreme 2 has gotten a redesign and better audio specs than its predecessor. JBL claims the Xtreme 2 has larger bass and up to 15 hours of playtime. It has newly designed 3D bass radiators and upgraded drivers. The speaker can pair with other devices that have Connect+ capabilities.

Xtreme 2 comes with hooks, a metal base, a USB charging port, and a bottle opener. Like the Clip 3, it can also be paired with a smartphone to make phone calls. It comes in black, green, and blue. It costs $299.95, and will be available this spring.

Finally, for the sports lovers, JBL is launching a new line of sport earphones made of silicone. The JBL Endurance line has four new earphones, each designed for a different sport in mind. The Endurance Run wired earphones have an IPX5 sweatproof rating and a tangle-free cord with a remote and microphone. The FlipHook design lets the earphones stay either in-ear or behind the ear.

Endurance sport earphones.
Image: JBL

Meanwhile, the Sprint, Jump, and Dive wireless earphones are waterproof, as they’re meant for swimming. The Sprint earphones have magnetic earbuds for easier storage. The Jump earphones turn on and connect upon wearing, and they come with a neckband. The Dive earphones have the same features as the Jump earphones, but also include 1GB of MP3 music storage so that athletes can access music without any internet connectivity.

There are on-ear touch controls so users can easily control their music and volume. JBL claims its Endurance wireless earphones have eight hours of playtime, and a quick charge rate of one hour of playback per every 10 minutes of charge. The various sport earphones’ prices range between $19.99 for Run, and $89.99 for Dive. They’ll be available in the spring in five unspecified colors.