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Seagate’s 2TB portable hard drive for DJI drones lets you manage files without a PC

Last year, Seagate released a hard drive specifically designed to add backup storage for DJI drone footages. At CES 2018, the company announced a follow up to that product called the LaCie DJI Copilot. Like its predecessor, the DJI Fly Drive, the Copilot also offers 2TB of storage. The company says that should amount to around 65 hours of 4K, 30fps video footage and around 20,000 RAW photos.

What’s new about the Copilot is that it now allows you to manage the files straight from the drive itself. There’s a built in screen that you can use to copy or transfer files to an SD card, and a paired Copilot BOSS app lets you watch video playbacks in full resolution without plugging into a computer. It’s not a touchscreen, but it does give the portable hard drive a more rugged durability. Seagate says this product is phase two of its partnership with DJI, which began at CES 2017, and targets professionals who are capturing and editing a lot of drone footage and need a solution for transferring files on the go.

The DJI Copilot will cost $349 and will ship later this spring in the US.