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LG Display’s 88-inch 8K TV turns pixels into beauty

LG Display’s 88-inch 8K TV turns pixels into beauty


Rejoice, pixel density enthusiasts

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Most of the TV world is still busy transitioning into the 4K era, but LG Display is sprinting out ahead with the debut of its new 88-inch 8K OLED TV. 8K is four times the resolution of 4K, and it delivers the sort of intense pixel density that makes OLED panels look even more stunning than usual. I saw the 88-inch wall of pristine color for myself here at CES, and the pixels are pretty much imperceptible even at very close range.

LG Display keeps flirting with 8K resolution at enormous screen sizes, and back at CES 2016 it showed off a 98-inch 8K model, though that wasn’t OLED like today’s prototype. The company says it’s actually easier to manufacture vast 8K TVs with OLED because each pixel can be controlled / illuminated individually and therefore there’s no backlight that you have to keep consistent across such a large surface.

Beside its size and, should it ever become a retail product, its likely prohibitive price, the major problem with this 8K TV is really the paucity of 8K content to put on it. The resolution of this thing is a little over 33 megapixels, which is higher than the vast majority of still-photography cameras, while even the crispest 4K footage can fill only a quarter of this screen (without the need for upscaling). Yes, 8K anything is still a pretty ridiculous concept for now — as evidenced by Dell’s lovely but limited 8K desktop monitor that I reviewed last year — but it does make for a tantalizing glimpse at the future that may be to come.