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Wireless earbud startup Earin bought by’s tech company

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The most inescapable CES celebrity strikes again’s tech company has bought truly wireless earbud startup Earin, according to TechCrunch. It sounds like this will not affect the release of Earin’s second product, the M2 wireless earbuds, though it’s still unclear when that will happen. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Earin was one of the first companies to release truly wireless earbuds, though they were marred by the same problems that plagued most early attempts. The Bluetooth connection was weak, the battery life and feature set were meager, and they were expensive.

The M2s, announced at last year’s CES, seemed far more promising. But then Earin went kind of dark in 2017. It wasn’t until the run-up to this year’s CES that Earin started to make noise about how it would be at the show, presumably to follow up with more information about its second product.

An immutable law of physics is that if you hang around CES long enough, you will eventually run into The tech-obsessed musician, who made the worst product Dan Seifert touched in 2014, once appeared at CES as a keynote speaker, and another time he manifested himself into a telepresence robot to attend the unveiling of a luxury 3D printer. Spend enough time here, and he might just acquire you, too.