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Xbox One’s latest update includes a do not disturb mode so your friends can’t annoy you

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A new mini guide is also on the way

Xbox One S
Xbox One S
Photo by Tyler Pina / The Verge

Microsoft is starting to roll out an update for Xbox One testers that includes a new do not disturb mode. The new option lets Xbox gamers mute notifications and other distractions when they’re playing a game or watching a movie. Microsoft is adding an online status so friends will see you’re in do not disturb mode and won’t be able to hassle you with party chat invites or messages.

Alongside the new mode, Microsoft is also adding mini game hubs to the Xbox One dashboard. It’s a quick way to access content from a game, or see who’s playing the game, achievements for the title, and any looking for group posts. Achievements are also being improved with this dashboard update, with a new “next achievements” feature that provides a neat list of upcoming achievements.

Microsoft is also adding some minor, but welcome, customization options. If you’re a fan of the white theme of the Xbox One dashboard you’ll be able to schedule this to only be shown during the day, with the dark theme switching on later in the evening. Automatic shutdown options will also be expanded to let people automatically turn off their consoles after two, three, four, and five hours instead of just one or six.

The latest Xbox One updates will appear for alpha ring testers first before they roll out to other rings and then publicly for all console owners. Microsoft is also rolling out “additional experimental features” to a subset of testers, but the company hasn’t detailed exactly what these features will be.