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Robot lawyer DoNotPay now lets you ‘sue anyone’ via an app

Robot lawyer DoNotPay now lets you ‘sue anyone’ via an app


Fight for your rights, or maybe just avoid a parking ticket or two

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Image: DoNotPay

DoNotPay, a free chatbot that offers AI-powered legal counsel, has launched an iOS app which can be used to access its service, reports Motherboard. While the app advertises that it can be used to “sue anyone by pressing a button,” its focus is on suing corporations and navigating the complex bureaucracies that stand between people and their everyday rights. Previously, the service was only available directly through its website.

The chatbot works by asking you a series of basic questions about your situation and who you’d like to sue. It will then draw up the documents that you’ll need to send to the courthouse to become a plaintiff, and will generate a script for you to read from if you need to attend in person.

“Sue anyone by pressing a button”

DoNotPay is the brainchild of Joshua Browder, who initially created it to dispute the dozens of parking tickets he was racking up when he was 18. However, over time it has increased in complexity to offer legal advice in more states (all 50 states across the US are supported), for a greater variety of issues including volatile airline prices, data breaches, late package deliveries, and unfair bank fees. Although the service is currently free (and lets users keep 100 percent of the money they win in court), Browder has said that he’s considering charging for more specialized legal advice in the future.

DoNotPay highlights a big problem with the justice system, which is that it doesn’t matter how much protection the law gives you if you’re not aware of it. Unless you studied law in college or are lucky enough to have friends working in the legal profession, it’s rare for anyone to sit you down and tell you what your rights are in specific situations. DoNotPay levels the playing field in many ways. It’s not creating any more legal rights for anyone, it’s just educating them about the rights they already have.