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The first Overwatch Lego set is a blocky Bastion

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There’s a Lego Ganymede, too!

Blizzard first started teasing a team up with Lego for Overwatch sets back in August, and now — after a brief, CGI teaser starring a minifigure Tracer — the two companies have revealed the first set: a buildable version of the robotic hero, Bastion.

Lego Bastion is an 182 piece set that features the character’s “Omnic Crisis orange” skin from the game, along with a “working” machine gun that can fire small Lego bricks across a room, for added realism. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that you’ll be able to convert the set into the turret-style Sentry or Ultimate attack tank modes from the game, but given the creativity of the overall Lego community it likely won’t be long until someone figures out a custom build for those alternate modes.

Most importantly, the Lego Bastion also comes with a Lego version of Ganymede, Bastion’s bird companion, which is just plain adorable.

The Omnic Bastion set is a limited edition set that’ll be sold for $25 exclusively from Blizzard’s online store — and with Blizzcon right around the corner, odds are that more Overwatch Lego sets will be on their way shortly.