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AT&T will release a DirecTV Now app for Magic Leap

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AT&T announced today that a DirecTV Now app will be coming to Magic Leap One, a mixed reality headset, in 2019. You can watch the demo video above to see how it works, but essentially, the app will let you watch up to four live streams at once. Why anyone would want to do this with a $2,295 device is unclear, but if you want in on this, Magic Leap’s One mixed reality headset has just started shipping across the US.

The announcement came from Magic Leap’s first developer conference, in which AT&T also announced that it would be bringing a mobile 5G network to the Magic Leap Campus in Florida next year. The 5G test-zone will let developers test out their applications with much faster connection speeds, and is part of a deal that inked AT&T as the exclusive carrier for US Magic Leap One owners.