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Facebook is adding support for 250-person chats in Groups

Facebook is adding support for 250-person chats in Groups


Messenger teams up with Groups for giant chat threads

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Image: Facebook (via TechCrunch)

Today, Facebook is adding a new feature to Groups: giant, intergroup Messenger chats with the option to add up to 250 people, via TechCrunch.

The chats can also support audio or video calls with up to 50 people in them. The idea is that users in big groups — like a book club or surfing club — will be able to have smaller conversations about things like local meetups that may not be relevant to the entire group.

In-Group chats can be viewed by all members of the group, and anyone already in the group can join or be invited. Crucially, Facebook won’t spam you with notifications for each message in the thread until you accept the invitation to join, and users will be able to further filter that by only getting notifications when they’re directly @-mentioned. Group admins will also be able to shut down chats or set it so that only admins can start threads to help limit spam.

Facebook will slowly roll out the new Messenger features to Groups starting today.