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Google’s Pixel 3 was used to film part of Eminem’s performance on top of the Empire State Building

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The performance will air on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight

Google Pixel 3 Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Google’s new Pixel 3 phones are almost here, and the company is pulling out all the stops to make sure that everyone knows about them: the phones have a five-day ad buy for the entire week of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The Pixel 3 will also be used to film a performance with Eminem from the top of the Empire State Building, via The Wall Street Journal.

It’s a big play from Google to team up with Disney — which is both the largest entertainment company in the world, and it already works with Google on things like the Pixel’s augmented reality Playmoji, which feature Marvel and Star Wars heroes. In addition to the Kimmel partnership, Disney is also said to be working on other Google ad integrations for services like YouTube Music.

Eminem will apparently perform his recently released track “Venom” (yes, the one from the movie) with an accompanying light show that will sync up the Empire State Building’s lights with the music. ABC says that “much of Eminem’s performance” will be filmed using the Pixel 3, with an additional behind-the-scenes video captured entirely on the new Google smartphone, which is set to release online on Tuesday.

The Eminem performance may have already gone viral in a different way when it was being filmed last Saturday night: posts of the illuminated building’s spire flashing in different colors have made their way around the internet (via Mashable). And unless Eminem has two unrelated Empire State Building performances scheduled for the same week, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing that technicolor light show tonight through the eyes of Google’s latest phone.