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T-Mobile is testing a 36-month payment plan with the Galaxy Note 9

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T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile has adjusted its Equipment Installment plan to 36 months for certain devices, as spotted by TmoNews. The company’s normal payment plan has historically been 24 months.

T-Mobile hasn’t made a formal announcement about the change, but it does appear that the 36-month payment plan is being offered for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which nixes the need for a down payment and drops the monthly payment cost to $24.17. Additionally, on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan support page, the language has been amended to say “After any required down payment, the remaining balance is divided into 24 installment payments (36-month EIP terms may be available on select devices) on your monthly bill.”

Right now, the Note 9 is the only device with the 36-month option. Given that many flagship phones hit or exceed the $1,000 price point, a different payment structure that makes these devices more accessible could prove to be popular.