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Hinge’s newest feature lets users rate how their date went

Hinge’s newest feature lets users rate how their date went


But it’s not a full-fledged Yelp

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Hinge is launching a new feature today called We Met, which will let users rate their dates. We Met will pop up a few days after a match exchanges phone numbers. It’ll ask each person individually if they ended up going out with that match and whether that person is the “type of person they’d like to see again.” That response is then used to further hone Hinge’s matching algorithm. (It also remains confidential.) The feature works similarly to Hinge’s “Most Compatible” feature by relying on other users’ feedback and similarities to make suggestions.

I’m hyped on the chance to give some feedback about my dates and to possibly get better match suggestions because of it, but at the same time, Hinge’s solution feels vague. Just answering whether someone was my type doesn’t allow me to provide real thoughts or talk about the experience.

Hinge CEO Justin McLeod tells me that the company did test letting users give a reason as to why they would or wouldn’t see someone again, and everyone gave pretty much the same answer: something having to do with lack of conversation or lack of chemistry. This makes sense to me. Still, in my dream world, I’d love to have a place where I can read about whether a potential date has canceled multiple times or been terrible in person. Maybe that’ll come some day.