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Sony fixes PlayStation 4 bug that allowed message to crash consoles

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PS4 560

Sony has announced that it’s fixed a bug that was causing PlayStation 4 consoles to crash if they received a specific message. Writing on Twitter in response to a comment pointing out the bug, an official PlayStation support account said, “We’ve since fixed the issue” before offering a solution to anyone who’s been affected by the issue.

Sony hasn’t issued an press release or blog about the fix, but then again nor has it officially acknowledged the issue in the first place. We’ve reached out to Sony for a statement, but if you’re concerned about the bug then you should know that dealing with it is a fairly simple process in the unlucky event that you are affected.

News of the messages, which caused a crash loop so bad that some users were reportedly having to factory reset their consoles to fix it, came to light over the weekend after being shared widely on Reddit. Sony isn’t the only company that’s had to wrestle with a bug like this recently though. Earlier this year Apple was forced to patch iOS after a bug emerged that would crash multiple messaging and email apps if you received a certain Indian language character through them.