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Fortnite’s chaotic new quadcrasher destroys buildings and launches players

Fortnite’s chaotic new quadcrasher destroys buildings and launches players


This will cause commotion

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Fortnite’s latest weekly update introduces a souped-up vehicle that seems to wreak havoc wherever it goes. The quadcrasher, as it’s called, does more than navigate terrain quickly. It can destroy any player-built surface and boost through the air.

Oh, and it can launch other players into the air, too. You just need to smash into them, and they’ll go flying.

The quadcrasher can hold two players: one drives and the other shoots. Boost is acquired by driving, and players can push a button to expend the boost. Judging from the footage, the quadcrasher can pretty much double as an aircraft if you’ve built up enough boost.

Already, fans are doing wild things with the quadcrasher, such as playing elaborate air golf. Players have also discovered that Junk Junction holds a racetrack for the new quadcrashers that seems worth checking out — that is, if you can convince players around you to stop shooting.

The quadcrasher’s ability to destroy buildings seems to continue Epic Games’ vendetta against player’s “just build” mentality by giving fans yet another option to quickly dispose of or get around human-made structures.

Today’s patch also introduces a variety of smaller quality-of-life features, such as increased controller sensitivity and PS4 controller lighting that matches players’ marker color. You can read the full notes here.