The Gritty Article - Why here?


I've just finished reading the article about Gritty, the new Philadelphia Flyers' mascot cover-to-cover, and while it's an entertaining read, I could not find a reason for it to exist on The Verge.

Now, it's not like we don't have articles about Culture. Just take a trip to TheVerge\Culture and you'll see all the culture you can stand on a site like this. Movie guides, book author interviews, YouTube trends, internet memes, and more; they're all there. But it's also easy to see that there is more to \Culture than purely "culture." To be on this site, it has to relate, even loosely, to science and technology. That is the defining characteristic of The Verge, after all, to be the intersection of science, technology, and culture. That is to say, The Verge is where the Venn diagram of those concepts overlaps.

Yet here is this article about Gritty which has no overlap. It's a fine article, and it is, if nothing else, quintessential Philadelphia culture. It is also a story of how American liberals found meaning in a strange hockey mascot. These are good narratives to explore, and of course, as editors of their own website, they can do as they please.

But The Verge is also part of the Vox Media group, which is home to plenty of specialty sites, such as Curbed for real estate and architecture, Eater for food, SBnation for sports, and of course Vox for politics and culture. It's not like such an article had nowhere to go. We've even seen recent Verge Science articles and videos where the authors have worked with these sister sites, including Curbed for the Nuclear Contamination article. So, here's a headline article, floating at the top of a site devoted to the intersection of science, technology, and culture, with no actual tie to science or technology.

I want to hear how you, the audience, feel about this sort of idea, that so long as it's science, technology, or culture, it's fair game.