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The Verge guide to Android

Tips and tricks for how to use your Android phone

Google never stops issuing updates to its Android OS (well, unless your phone is old enough to have outlived its update period), and it has recently introduced its latest upgrade: Android 12.

As always, the new OS is coming to Google’s Pixel phones first, and when it does come to Samsung and other Android devices, it will probably be tweaked somewhat by the manufacturer. But whether you have uploaded Android 12 into your Pixel or are still using Android 11 on another phone, we’ve assembled a guide that will help you make the most of your mobile life.

The Verge guide to Android is a comprehensive resource that will help you learn how to use your Android phone’s best features and further educate you about this popular and flexible mobile operating system. We’ve separated out some of the new features found in Android 12, but you can also check out Android 101 and Hardware Help for tips that will apply to the majority of Android phones.

Everything you need to know about Android

We have advice and step-by-step instructions for beginners and experts. Our how-tos can teach you everything you need to know about some of your phone’s more advanced features. Take a look around and learn how to use Google Pay, send texts from your web browser, take screenshots, and even install Fortnite (which isn’t as easy as it sounds).

Be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll be updating The Verge guide to Android with new articles and tips over time.