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Apple announces iPad Pro and Mac event for October 30th

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Apple’s headed to Brooklyn

Apple isn’t done with product events for 2018. Today the company issued media invites for an October 30th event in Brooklyn, New York where it’s widely expected we’ll see new iPad Pro tablets and potentially several updates to the Mac lineup. The event’s tagline is “there’s more in the making,” and its location is a bit of a surprise. It was reasonable to believe Apple would again present its new products in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park after last month’s iPhone event.

Apple sent out a slew of unique invite designs for the event, so there’s a lot to look over if you’re trying to find any hints or teases of what’s to come.

The new iPad Pro is rumored to have slim bezels and Face ID, expanding Apple’s your-face-is-your-passcode technology beyond the iPhone for the first time. It’s also been reported that this year’s iPad Pro will switch over from Lightning to USB-C and be available in 11- and 12.9-inch display sizes.

The October event is where Apple will likely announce its long-awaited successor to the MacBook Air laptop. In August, Bloomberg reported that the laptop will have slimmer bezels than the Air and have a high-resolution Retina display. It’s expected to slot in beneath the 12-inch MacBook as the company’s new low-cost laptop option.

Bloomberg also reported that a new Mac Mini is in development and that Apple is aiming the upcoming desktop at power users, app developers, and customers who’ve used the Mini as a home theater PC.

On the software side, Apple is likely to share release details for iOS 12.1 (which features Group FaceTime and dual-SIM support) and the upcoming watchOS update that will enable the Series 4’s EKG functionality.

What else might be in store? Will the delayed AirPower charger make a better-late-than-never appearance in time for the holidays? Is Apple ready to tease the new Mac Pro that it has said is coming sometime next year? The Verge will be at Apple’s event bringing you all the iPad and Mac news as it’s announced.