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Now you can share your ETA in real time on Google Maps for iOS

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Google Maps’ ETA sharing feature, which lets the app share your navigation route with friends in real time, is coming to iOS today. The feature has been available on the Android app since last year, and was introduced with the clip above. The video shows some specific use cases for ETA sharing, like when you’re planning a surprise party and need to coordinate partygoers’ arrival times. It’s also just a neat, useful tool for when you want to know your friends’ whereabouts, a feature that’s long been available on other navigation apps like Waze and Citymapper.

The update also allows for ETA sharing across third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp, a feature new to Android as well. You can access it by going to the ˄ button —> “Share trip progress.” Journey sharing is available for when you’re navigating by driving, walking, and cycling, and it will end automatically once you reach your destination, or after a manually set time.