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YouTube tweaks its video embeds to include an easy channel subscribe button

A beneficial move for creators

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YouTube introduced a subtle design change to its embed feature that will allow viewers to subscribe to a creator’s channel more easily than before.

The new embed function allows users to hover over the top-left corner of a video and instantly subscribe to a channel without having to leave the page, as reported by 9to5Google. Increasing subscriber counts remains a primary goal within the YouTube community — just look at PewDiePie and T-Series’ ongoing feud.

It’s a small change, but it effectively seems geared toward benefiting creators’ overall channels instead of just their views.

The new embed function isn’t without its problems, however, as some creators have already pointed out on Twitter. The new embed design, which also includes a subtle minimalist take on the earlier version, seems to impact the thumbnail design in some cases. The new overlay at the top can cover details of a thumbnail. Though it seems minor, thumbnails are an important marketing tool that creators use when publishing and sharing their videos. Having to design around a new overlay is an additional step that many creators, editors, and freelance thumbnail designers will have to take into consideration.

It’s unclear if there are any other major changes that accompany the new embed feature, but The Verge has reached out to YouTube for more information.