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A first look at the new Surface Pro 6 in matte black

A first look at the new Surface Pro 6 in matte black

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Microsoft has just announced its latest Surface Pro 6 at a media event in New York City. The latest tablet / laptop hybrid has a familiar design, but updated internals. Microsoft has refreshed the Surface Pro 6 with Intel’s 8th Gen processors, and a new matte black finish.

While there’s support for quad-core processors thanks to new internal cooling changes, it’s the matte black that’s really the striking change here. The entire Surface Pro 6 is covered in the finish, and it feels and looks very similar to the original Surface RT and Surface Pro. Other than the finish, the outside of the device hasn’t really changed all that much.


That means there are still no USB-C ports, and the usual Mini DisplayPort for monitor connectivity. Microsoft is also using its usual Surface Connector for power, and a full USB port. The Surface Pro 6’s kickstand is also the same as the previous model, alongside the 12.3-inch display at the front.

If you’ve always wanted a black Surface Pro then it’s here, but it’s really the internal changes that will make a difference. Microsoft is adding quad-core Intel Core i5 processors inside, and they’re the latest 8th Generation ones. That should make this little portable PC a lot faster, and hopefully more battery efficient. We’ll be testing that and more when we review the Surface Pro 6 once it’s available on October 16th starting at $899.

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