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PlayStation Vue is now integrated with Apple’s TV app

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PlayStation Vue is the first US pay-TV provider to integrate with the app

PlayStation Vue has integrated with Apple’s TV app, allowing users to view on-demand content and live sports right in the TV app on iOS and tvOS, Sony announced this week. Vue is the first pay-TV provider to be featured in the TV app, which already features content from nearly every major streaming service and cable channel except for Netflix.

The TV app makes it easy to view all of the content you have access to in one place, and it will tell you where you can find a show or movie that you’ve searched for, and recommend content based on the services you have access to and your tastes. Sony says content from its “nationally available channels” and live sports from both national and regional channels will be available in the TV app.

You won’t actually watch that content in the TV app — Apple will kick you over to the PlayStation Vue app once you choose a show or film — but it makes finding exactly what you want a bit easier.

If you have a PlayStation Vue account, the TV app should automatically ask if you want to connect to it the next time you open the app on your iOS device or Apple TV.