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Google apologizes for YouTube TV outage, offers free week of credit

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Must be claimed by Wednesday

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YouTube experienced a major outage last week that also affected subscription services YouTube TV and YouTube Music. YouTube and its associated services were down for nearly two hours before service was restored, and now Google is apologizing to affected YouTube TV subscribers by offering a free week of credit.

“We’re sorry about the unexpected YouTube TV interruption on October 16th,” says a note to subscribers. “We love our TV as much as you do, and our goal is to make sure that you can access your events and shows – whenever and however you want. To help make this right, we’d like to give you a week of free service.”

The credit note of $10 is only available to be claimed by 11:50PM PT on Wednesday October 24th, and subscribers will need to fill out a form that was emailed out to YouTube TV users this past weekend. This was the second time YouTube TV experienced a serious outage this year, after the service suffered interruptions during this summer’s World Cup games.