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Snapchat’s new segmented lens tech makes the screaming cowboy meme real

Snapchat’s new segmented lens tech makes the screaming cowboy meme real



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Imagine this, but everywhere.
Imagine this, but everywhere.
Image: Kirin J Callinan / YouTube

Snap has added new lenses to Snapchat, including the option to create ones that apply effects to things like the sky or hair or use a portrait mode cutout to put users on an entirely new background. Snap has offered lenses like this before, but now they’re coming to the publicly available Lens Studio tool for anyone to use.

With the new lenses, you can do cool things like change hair colors, teleport users to a tropical vacation, or add some spectacular constellations to the night sky. However, one filter may have already reached its zenith just hours after its release: one creative user has already used the skybox-segmenting tech to add the iconic screaming cowboy meme (aka singer Jimmy Barnes as a guest vocalist in Kirin J Callinan’s 2017 song “Big Enough”) to the sky in your photo.

In addition to the new filter options, Snap is adding support for 2D AR experiences. Just snap a Snapcode, view the poster or flyer in the app, and you’ll be able to see an animated version of it (and, of course, take pictures and videos with it). Also new is the option to add faces from your camera roll to lenses, which should help you add dog ears to pictures of your friends who aren’t around to snap in person.

Update October 22nd, 1:27pm: Clarified that the new tools are being added to snaps Lens Studio, and that the screaming cowboy lens is a user created option.