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Spotify is testing a ‘what’s new’ timeline feature to promote new releases

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Spotify is testing a What’s New timeline feature with some users that shows new releases seemingly from artists you enjoy. Spotify confirmed the test to The Verge, saying “We are always testing new ways to create better listening experiences for more users, while continuing to find ways to connect artists to their fans.”

The streaming service has been trying to get better at promoting new releases recently, as it now occasionally offers prompts once you open the app for new albums you may enjoy. But finding new releases outside of playlists like Discover Weekly or Release Radar can still be a pain on Spotify. It takes two taps to get to the new release page when you open the app, and it appears those releases aren’t organized to your listening habits — Brent Faiyaz’s new EP Lost was the 34th new release listed for me, and I’ve played it in full at least three times since it was released last Friday.

Spotify runs quite a few of these tests publicly, so there’s no guarantee this feature will make it to a full rollout, but it does seem to be an improvement on the status quo.