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Cardi B doing ASMR is even more amazing than it sounds

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Cardi B is known for being so lively and boisterous that she’s probably the last person you’d think of when it comes to the soothing aesthetics of ASMR — but that’s exactly what makes this new video from W Magazine so good. Behold: the “I Like It” rapper whispers gently and seductively into not one but two highly sensitive microphones. (As with many ASMR videos, it’s recorded in stereo and works best with headphones.) If she seems like an ASMR natural, that’s because Cardi says that she listens to ASMR videos every night before bed, so she knows all the tricks to make your brain tingle.

For the record, Offset, her husband, thinks her ASMR obsession is weird. Beyond the novelty factor, it’s trivia like this that makes this video worth watching, as Cardi opens up about fearing being a one hit wonder, how her pregnancy made a shoot a small nightmare, and what she loves about being a mother.