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Hulu now offers Starz as an $8.99 monthly add-on

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It’s even easier to watch Outlander now

Starz is joining Hulu’s subscriptions as an optional $8.99 monthly add-on. It’s the latest premium cable company to offer its content and channels on the over-the-top streaming service.

The new Starz subscription will give subscribers access to the company’s live Starz and Starz Encore channel lineup as well as the back catalog of existing Starz content. Hulu already offers HBO ($14.99 per month), Cinemax ($9.99 per month), and Showtime ($10.99 per month) as similar add-on packages.

Starz already offers access to its content through its own $8.99-per-month streaming app, so the Hulu add-on — like the YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime bundling options that have preceded it — is more of a convenience for Hulu subscribers who’d like to keep all their TV-watching options in one place. But assuming you fall into that category, it should be a useful addition.

Correction: Starz is available as an add-on for any of Hulu’s plans, not just those with the live TV service.