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Reddit partners with Patreon to help creators build communities

Reddit partners with Patreon to help creators build communities


New widgets and flairs coming to Reddit

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Patreon, a crowdfunding membership platform for creators, announced today that it’s partnering with Reddit to help users promote their work and build communities.

Most of these changes are being made through tiny integrations that will change the aesthetic of creators’ subreddits and make their Patreon accounts more visible. The most noticeable change is a specific “Patron” flair that appears beside Reddit users’ names who support a specific creator on Patreon. This makes it easier for creators to see who’s supporting them, and it could possibly improve the interactions between creators who maintain their own subreddits and loyal members.

Reddit Patreon
An example of Reddit’s new “Patron” flairs, as seen in Amanda Palmer’s subreddit.
Image: Patreon

Personal subreddits are popular among some of the internet’s most prominent creators. YouTube and Twitch personalities, for example, often use personal subreddits as a way to engage with fans. Some, including popular gaming streamers like Destiny and xQc, use subreddits to add to their own streams, providing commentary on subjects their fans care about or events that occur within the Twitch community.

Patreon creators often use subreddits and other platforms like Discord as spaces to hang out with their supporters. This new partnership also means that creators’ Patreon pages will include a Reddit widget that will lead new members to a specific subreddit.

The goal, according to a joint press release from Patreon and Reddit, is to make subscribing to creators on Patreon easier while supporting community pages on Reddit. Widgets will make it easier for people on Reddit to immediately subscribe to creators.

Patreon Reddit
New Patreon and Reddit widgets.
Image: Reddit

The integration is rolling out to a select group of Patreon creators today, according to the company. It’s expected to roll out to more creators at the end of October.