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Google Play is upgrading your movie purchases to 4K for free

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Image: Google Play

Google announced in a blog post today that Google Play customers in the US and Canada will see several upgrades to their movie-watching experience.

Any movies you’ve previously purchased in SD or HD that are available in 4K will now be automatically upgraded to stream in 4K. If you open the Play Movies & TV app it should tell you which titles have had the upgrade applied. Additionally, Google Play has lowered the cost of most 4K titles — they used to sit around $30 a pop and now most sit below the $20 mark.

Lastly, Google has expanded device support for watching titles in 4K with the Play Movies & TV app. Now, in addition to working with 4K Sony Bravia TVs, it also works with most 4K Samsung Smart TVs. The company also says it’s working on adding support for LG TVs.