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Apple’s iCloud services suffered an extended outage

Apple’s iCloud services suffered an extended outage


Some users said iCloud Login, Find My iPhone, and other services had been inaccessible for hours

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Update Oct 24th, 3:23AM ET: Apple says that services were fully restored at 1:55AM ET on Wednesday, having been down for almost two hours, starting at 11:51PM ET the night before. The original article can be found below — it has not been edited.

Apple’s iCloud service appears to be experiencing an extended outage today, with some users reporting problems accessing iCloud-based apps and services like Notes and Find My iPhone. In an update of its System Status page, Apple notes that iCloud is suffering a widespread service disruption of some sort. Not everyone appears to be affected by whatever the issue is.

The outage looks like its affecting some key Apple software services, including iCloud Backup, iCloud Drive, and a number of productivity apps that sync using Apple’s cloud platform. And beyond Find My iPhone and Backup, there are quite a few serious software tools that rely on the iCloud infrastructure, like iCloud Keychain for secure login and general account sign in for iOS devices and Macs, that are seeing problems.

There’s no official word yet from Apple, which does not operate a public-facing iCloud Twitter account or other channel for updating users on service status beyond the status page. (The official verified @Apple account typically wipes its tweet history every now and again, and at the moment includes no tweets whatsoever.)

But these issues have been persisting for hours, according to a number of anecdotal accounts on Twitter. We’ll update this post when the situation has been resolved or when we have additional information.