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Fortnite’s map is being infested with hordes of monsters

Fortnite’s map is being infested with hordes of monsters


Battle royale introduces PvE

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A still from Fortnite’s “Fortnitemares” mode.
Epic Games

Fortnite is getting into the Halloween spirit with the addition of undead opponents to its popular battle royale mode, marking a major moment in the game mode’s history where players can fight computer-generated enemies.

A trailer for the mode, seen below, showcases the demonic ghouls in action. [Note: The Verge’s team spent 10 minutes trying to determine if the fiends in question are actually zombies. We couldn’t come to a conclusion. Update: Yes, we have.] Players will have to defeat the monstrous-looking opponents that were birthed from Cube Fragments that appear on the map. Killing the undead will result in loot for players, and they’ll appear sporadically throughout matches.

These evil beings are the biggest addition to the game’s Halloween event, referred to by Epic Games as “Fortnitemares.” Epic Games has disabled Fortnitemares for the time being, however, as it investigates “issues with matchmaking,” according to a tweet from the official Fortnite account. Players also reported 15-minute wait times when trying to access Fortnitemares.

There are a few other cool updates players should keep an eye out for. The revolver, now referred to as the “Six Shooter,” is getting a makeover. Supplementary items that players can find and use have also been worked into the game’s latest update, including the ability to redeploy your handy glider.

Still, Fortnite’s biggest mystery remains Kevin, the ominous cube pummeling players with new obstacles and enemies they have to destroy. The only thing people can do now, unfortunately, is keep up with the barrage of attacks Kevin sets loose.