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Google Podcasts has been failing to load for the past few days for some users

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Some users have been experiencing issues with the Google Podcasts app, reporting instances of episodes not loading or trending lists and suggestions not showing up, via Android Police. Users on Google Play help forums and Reddit are sharing their experiences, and some have been unable to access new episodes on their Google Podcasts app for up to a week.

The issue appears to be a bug related to the Google app beta program, as users are reporting that exiting the program brings back Google Podcast functionalities. It’s a possible explanation, as the Podcasts app is a shell icon that lets you use the feature within the Google app. Google Podcasts was recently launched as a standalone app exclusively for Android this past June, so it’s a little strange that it’s experiencing these issues now.


In a statement to The Verge, a Google spokesperson said, We’re aware of an issue that prevented podcasts from appearing in the Google Podcasts app for beta users of the Google Search app. We’ve rolled out fix for this problem, which affected users can implement by updating your Google Search app on Google Play to version 8.33.6.”

Update 10/24, 8:02PM ET: Added statement from Google.