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CompUSA resurrected as a sad affiliate deals site

New, 7 comments is back, this time as an affiliate deals site. The company was acquired by DealCentral, a startup specializing in deal hunting and coupons, earlier this month. According to DealCentral CEO Yishai Grossman, the relaunch is strategically timed before Black Friday and the holiday season.

The new site brings staff and user reviews of products, along with deals on laptops, televisions, and other tech products. Grossman says he’s hired an editorial team with “decades of combined experience in the deal space,” including Slickdeals, eBates, and FatWallet. “Acquiring CompUSA makes sense for us on so many levels,” Grossman said in a press release. “Out of the gate we can offer the best deals, sales and coupons from all around the web in one place from our partner stores like Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy.”

CompUSA has undergone a series of acquisitions since it shut down the last of its stores in 2007. Hopefully, this will be its final resting place.