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Check out some of the best data visualizations from the Information is Beautiful awards

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Picasso, parks, pasta

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Image: Jordan Vincent

For the past seven years, Information is Beautiful has hosted awards for the best data visualizations and interactive stories. The organization recently announced the shortlist for the 2018 awards (winners will be announced on December 4th), which run the gamut from the psychological effects of movie genres to how spring is arriving earlier and earlier.

Check out some of our favorites below, and be sure to look up the rest here.

Image: Alberto Lucas López, National Geographic

Frames of Mind, by Alberto Lucas López for National Geographic, analyzes and charts Pablo Picasso’s obsessions, in the style of the painter himself.

Image: Jordan Vincent

Jordan Vincent’s A Night Under the Stars looks at overnight stays in major US national parks, as measured by number of nights spent per month by type of accommodation. Click here for more information about how to read this detailed map.

This is an interactive piece, so you actually have to click to the website to play around. Satellites: 60 Years in Orbit by Rossiya Segodnya is a 3-D map of the over 8,000 satellites above our planet.

Image: Francesca Morini

It’s Carb Country by Francesca Morini (which is another entry you have to click through) answers some of the important pasta-related questions that people have always wanted to know: What if pasta calories were converted in kilowatt per hour? How many housing units would be illuminated for 365 days straight?

Correction Oct 30, 1:00PM ET: An earlier version of this post said that it was the sixth year for the Information Is Beautiful Awards. It is the seventh.