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A new icon seemingly confirms that the next iPad Pro won’t have a home button

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A better look at what we might get on October 30th

Image: 9to5Mac

In August, an iOS 12 developer beta seemed to confirm rumors that the next iPad Pro would ship with ultra-thin bezels, and without a home button. Now, a new icon spotted by 9to5Mac seems to further confirm the redesign.

This new icon, which 9to5Mac says is found within iOS, provides a much better look at the upcoming device, showing off thin bezels, rounded corners, no notch, and no home button. The icon also shows off a the volume buttons on the side, with a sleep/wake button on the top. The site notes that the screen doesn’t appear to be edge-to-edge, but speculates that the bezels could be slightly larger due to how the icon itself is constructed.

This fits with the widespread rumors that we’ve seen pop up this fall: that the iPads will have a larger display, and that it’ll have the Face ID system that will allow you to unlock the device by looking at it, although there doesn’t appear to be a notch like the iPhones. Other rumors include that the new iPads will come with USB-C ports, an updated Apple Pencil, and possibly no headphone jack, following in the footsteps of recent iPhones.

We’ll find out for sure this week, as Apple holds its iPad Pro and Mac event in New York City on October 30th.