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Twitter adds Data Saver feature to its iOS and Android apps

Twitter adds Data Saver feature to its iOS and Android apps

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Twitter has released an updated version of its mobile app that includes an option to reduce data usage, as spotted by 9to5Mac. The new feature, called Data Saver, can now be flipped on as an option in Twitter’s settings.

Data Saver is already available in several iterations of Twitter, including Twitter for Windows and Twitter Lite. Data Saver, which can be found under Data Usage in settings, allows you to have more control over how much data you’re consuming while using Twitter. When turned on, videos won’t autoplay and photos will load at a lower resolution. If there is content you’d like to view at full quality, you can tap on a tweet’s drop-down menu and select “Load High Quality.”

Some other small changes accompany this Twitter update. According to the release description on the Apple App Store, there are now easier controls to manage group chats, improvements in VoiceOver support for polls, and “better labels for certain types of ads.”

If data conservation is a day-to-day priority for you, Twitter Lite might still be a better option, as it takes up less than a megabyte and saves up to 70 percent on data while loading 30 percent faster. But, if you temporarily need a cap, Data Saver is available now for both the iOS and Android versions of Twitter.